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The JumpDrive API function “getInventoryData” in V2 allows customers and partners to access current vehicle and location data about vehicles using the 2nd generation JD vehicle device.

Getting Started

Our Partner API requires the following to retrieve vehicle fuel and mileage information:

  1. API URL, Username and Password (please email for API URL and your credentials)
  2. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to get it’s return details.
  3. Familiarity with a programming language supporting REST calls (PHP, Ruby, .NET, Python, etc.)

For best results, we recommend querying the API during the check out process on demand.

Steps For Using the API

  1. Create a script to call our API URL (will be provided via email upon request) and pass your username, password, VIN and response format.  All results are in XML, for example – getInventoryData(username, password, VIN, ‘xml’) will provide XML formatted results.
  2. If you receive the message “Invalid Username and/or Password”, please contact and we will confirm your credentials.

Sample XML results

Sample XML Response
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <LotName>Pine Ridge</LotName>
 <LastTimeIn>2017-10-08 18:47:37</LastTimeIn>
 <LocationName>Driveway and Yard</LocationName>

Description Of Each Field Showing In XML Responses Above

  1. VIN = Vehicle Identification Number
  2. JumpDriveID = JumpDrive device ID assigned to each customer
  3. LotID = ID of the current location of the vehicle
  4. LotName = Name of the current location of the vehicle
  5. LastTimeIn = Most recent time when vehicle checked in (in local time zone)
  6. StartMileage = Starting mileage (in km) of vehicle when it was registered with a JumpDrive Vehicle Device.  If this value is 0, the vehicle mileage was not user verified.
  7. LastMileage = Latest vehicle mileage (in km)
  8. FuelPercent = Current percentage of fuel tank full (100% is full, 0% is empty)
  9. FuelVolume = Current fuel volume in fuel tank, in liters
  10. Battery = Current battery level reported by vehicle, in mV
  11. LocationType = “Indoor” or “Outdoor”
  12. LocationName = Name of the current location / zone, based on customer defined geofences
  13. Longitude = Current longitude value reported by vehicle
  14. Latitude = Current latitude value reported by vehicle
  15. Damage1Count = Total number of possible damage impact events on this vehicle
  16. Damage2Count = Total number of likely damage impact events on this vehicle
  17. Speeding1Count = Total number of seconds of speeding between 85mph and 99mph
  18. Speeding2Count = Total number of seconds of speeding 100mph and above

Additional Notes

  1. If JumpDrive does not read mileage on a specific vehicle, the customer can specify if they want JumpDrive to provide “0” for StartMileage and LastMileage or provide our estimate of the vehicle’s mileage.
  2. FuelPercent and FuelVolume are both provided by JumpDrive, using our data source for the fuel tank size.  Since some vehicles provide raw fuel data in Liters and others provide it in Percentage, JumpDrive calculates both values for all vehicles and provides it to customers and partners.

Additional questions?

Please email if you have any questions or require additional support.